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Kenton City Schools
222 W. Carrol Street
Kenton, Ohio 43326
Office: 419-673-0775

Kenton City Schools

The Kenton City Schools System's vision is to inspire all students to inquire, dream, and excel. The system is in the process of building a new elementary school which will contain pre-school through 6th grades, set up with a pod system, two levels sharing each pod and common area. It is a state of the art facility scheduled to open in September of 2014. From the first day the programs are designed to promote a high level of student involvement in his or her learning, while keeping their commitment to provide a high quality student-centered environment where all can achieve. Through high expectations, academic rigor, and a climate fostering mutual respect the elementary level is deemed "Excellent" by the Ohio Department of Education. In addition, there are a variety of opportunities provide to students outside the normal school day.

Kenton Middle School is one of a few in the nation that has received an ISSN grant through the ASIA Society. The model focuses on a global perspective and provides instruction using project-based learning in conjunction with technology integration. As part of this grant, a Global Studies course has been added to the curriculum for all 7th and 8th graders. In addition, students that are identified as gifted and provided services through a hybrid collaboration face-to-face and online courses. A variety of other online courses are also offered to students who are interested in foreign languages, study skills and financial literacy. In addition, 8th graders may take Algebra and Physical Science for high school credit.

The High School has also earned an "Excellent" rating from the Ohio Department of Education and in 2010-2011 received the "School of Promise" award. In addition to its traditional curriculum, a partnership has been formed with both Findlay Collage and Rhodes State Collage. Last year, over 350 collage credits were earned. Also available are Advanced Placement opportunities, Credit Flex Programs, and online coursework. Outstanding extra-curricular and co-curricular programs abound. Our football program has been a state power for over a decade, bringing home two State Championships, and one Runner up Trophy. The Music department boasts of an award winning vocal group, Top Twenty, and Marching Band which has been yearly invited to participate in an out of state parade. The FFA program has grown to over 120 members, and we are one of the few High Schools to offer Junior Reserve Officer Training Program (JROTC). Our ROTC has received national recognition in many rifle competitions. The student body pride themselves on the wide range of community service projects that they participate in. Graduates from Kenton High School also receive tremendous community support when pursuing higher education. Scholarships of over $100,000 are awarded each year from local sponsors.

The Kenton Online Learning Academy is the newest option available. KOLA provides an alternative education setting via the online learning lab. Utilizing Ohio Certified teachers, the students complete the majority of th course schedule online supplemented with face-to-face support. Additionally, a wide variety of enrichment courses are available for traditional students. Whether your interests range from Mandarin Chinese to financial literacy there are courses available to prepare you for the future.

The Kenton School System infuses the curriculum with rigor and relevance with a goal to prepare students for success in whatever endeavor they choose post-secondary. We want to be sure that they are not only able to excel in a collage environment, but in whatever challenges they face, are critical thinkers capable of problem solving, creativity, and follow through. The Kenton City School System is proudly preparing productive citizens who are positioned to grasp success in a global economy.

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