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Mayor's Welcome

Mayor Randy Manns

As Mayor of the City of Kenton I, Randy Manns, would like to personally take this opportunity to welcome you to our great city and extend our sincere thanks for taking time out of your schedule to visit our website.

This website has been designed to be informative and make access to our services more available. Whether you are a resident, business person, or visitor, we hope this website provides you with a useful and comprehensive source of information.

Kenton is an up and coming small city with unlimited potential. We are a community of honest, hardworking and respectful people with strong family values. Quality of life is important and we have several hundred volunteers who are very active in our numerous parks, neighborhood block watch program, and many other activities.

Kenton is the seat of Hardin County and we have big business vision. We are strategically located with close access to I-75 and I-70, and we have several state routes that intersect our community including SR 67, SR 68, SR 309, SR 53, and SR 31, making it ideal for businesses relying on trucks to transport their goods.

Again, I would like to thank you for visiting our website and hope you find answers to any questions you might have. We are very proud of our community and welcome you to come visit us. The City of Kenton is truly a great place to call home!

Last Updated: 06/6/18



The Water and Income Tax offices are located at
555 W. Franklin Street.


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